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The official Crimson Finch tasting guide

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Service Name


Malts : Pilsner & Carapils

Hops : Warrior, Hallertau, Mittelfruh


A mid-strength lager with malty sweetness and a hint of German noble hops. The low bitterness leaves this
beer with a little sweetness and a light finish.

Additional Information
A fledging Crimson Finch is a bird that has its first coat of feathers and can fly on its own. Our Fledge Lager is a mid-strength, it is not a big beer yet but just like a fledging Finch, it can hold its own! Lagers take a while to get ready so this beer takes us between 4-5 weeks to have it ready for you to enjoy.


Pairs well with...
Being a pale lager it generally pairs well with anything, but with a burger & chips it goes down a treat!


Malts: Pilsner, Rice and Carahell
Hops: Warrior, Saaz

This beer has a beautiful malty sweetness upfront and returns in the finish. The rice in this beer allows the
beer to dry out a little...perfect for the Australian weather.

Additional Information

Japanese lagers are similar to American lagers in
a sense that they both use rice as an adjunct in the
mashing process. It is worth noting that American
lagers can also use other adjuncts such as corn or
table sugar. This beer takes 5 weeks to get ready from
grain to glass. Worth every minute of it!


Pairs well with...

If you are having our Japanese Lager, grab yourself some of your favourite sushi and enjoy!

Service Name


Malts: Maris Otter, Pilsner, Wheat
Hops: Warrior, Citra, Eclipse

Our Sunset Summer Ale is the perfect beer to enjoy with friends. With notes of apricot, other stone fruits,  passionfruit and mandarin with a nice dough/biscuit malt to lift the hops, it is no wonder you’ll want a few of these! Although hazy in nature, it is far from being a Hazy Pale Ale or Hazy IPA.

Additional Information

In Australia, stone fruits are harvested at different stages from early November to late February. Since this beer has a lot of stone fruit character thanks to our hops, it just made sense to call it our Summer Ale. Plus, the colour of this beer reminds us of a beautiful Australian hazy sunset!


Pairs well with...

With all these stone fruit notes, pair this beer with apricot chicken or why not try it with some duck and plum or cherry sauce?

Service Name


Malts: Pilsner, Rolled Oats, Wheat
Hops: Citra, Idaho 7, Idaho 7 Cryo


This beer is all about the hops!! Firstly, you need a base that will allow those hops to shine and also assist with the hazy creation thanks to high protein ingredients. Hazy beers are on purpose, not an accident. You will get big notes of citrus and tropical fruits, all thanks to generous hop additions.

Additional Information
Hazies are quite modern and have originated from the New England region in the USA. Hazies can be pale ales but can also be IPA’s. You can have multiple variations within this general style, for example Oat Cream IPA’s which includes lactose and a ridiculous amount of oats in the grist. Our Hazy takes 2-3 weeks to get ready for you to enjoy!


Pairs well with...

Having a softer mouth feel, think about crispy, crunchier dishes, like some fried chicken or some grilled seafood.

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