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'While sitting at a friend's place around the table sharing a 'kit and kilo' around the table, we started talking about enzymes, mashing and micro-brewing and it sparked something in a tiny flame. Immediately I went home and delved deep into literature on the subject. I found the book 'How to Brew' by John Palmer (John, if you ever read this, you are welcome for the plug) and read the book in its entirety. I only understood about 30% of it, but it was enough for me to start and have a go! I started with a partial mash and brewed my favourite beer style, an IPA. I became hyper-focused on the thought of producing beer that was unique, made with passion and intensity, that would bring people together to enjoy"

-Carl Legros, Head Brewer & Co-Founder of Crimson Finch.


His infectious laughter rumbles out of him as he admits that he had a lot of learning to do when starting out. In his mind, his maiden beer was the best beer he had ever made, when in fact it was the harshest IPA he had ever tasted.


From there, Carl completed his Beer Judge Certification Programme (BJCP) and his brew - Munich Dunkel - took third place in the Best of Show at the Queensland Amateur Brewing Championship. In that same competition, he won his first Champion Brewer title! So why stop there? This little birdy needed to fly, and fly it did. This win influenced his desire to brew commercially for the community and so began the search for a name that would embody the style of beer Carl wanted to create. Crimson Finch was born, sharing the symbol of an Australian bird, free and elegant, but bold and confident.


The desire for Carl to bring this beer to the people and his ability to make enzymes sing, soon saw Carl and his wife Rachael find like-minded partners in Wayne and Grant. Wayne and Grant  saw the potential and were drawn to Carl’s tenacity and endearing positivity. Along with Wayne and Grants’ wives, Laureth and Tanya, these three duo's are on a mission to share Crimson Finch with the world. There’s been too little sharing in the world of late, so let’s change the narrative. Share a local craft beer, share a laugh, and share a memory...


The quality of our beer is our top priority, so we use only the finest ingredients to brew it. We are dedicated to brewing beers that inspire and excite us, with a goal to making some of the highest quality and best-tasting beers in the world! Quality beers nested (see what we did there ) in the communities for everyone to enjoy (18+ of course).



We are Crimson Finch. A Capricorn Coast brewing company bestowing refreshing beers.


We are represented by the Australian Crimson Finch, a bird that exudes freedom & elegance, and has a personality renowned for its boldness and confidence. A true illustration of our beer, our brand and what we stand for...


What better time to celebrate local craftsmanship that sure knows how to shake a tail feather.


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